Is YouTube Worth It? 7.6 Million Views Later, Here’s What I Learned

Is YouTube Worth It? 7.6 Million Views Later, Here’s What I Learned
(Last Updated On: 04/23/2019)

Everyone’ s stating it … video is the future of material marketing!


But is it truly?


Similar to you, I observed that pattern over a year earlier, and I chose to listen to everybody who informed me to concentrate on videos rather of simply text-based material.

I even composed a post about how I was moving my material marketing budget plans over to podcasting and videos.

But, as you understand, viewpoints put on’’ t actually matter in marketing. , if the information reveals something is working you must do more of it.. And if the information reveals the opposite, then you require to reassess what you are doing.

So, was YouTube actually worth it for me?

Neil, you’’ re on YouTube?

If you sanctuary ’ t currently seen my YouTube videos, you can examine them out here (they are the very same videos I likewise placed on my blog site).

And if you have actually seen my videos, you’’ ll notification that I have a lots of them. I began publishing on YouTube a bit more than a half and a year back and have actually currently submitted 347 videos up until now.

That’’ s a great deal of material!


The videos all differ in length. I have videos that are as brief as 2 minutes, and I have others that are over 30 minutes.

The subjects of video material likewise differ from covering method to techniques to addressing your concerns to even sharing bits from my individual life.

I’’ ve even shared some of my speeches on YouTube.

So, is YouTube worth it? Well, prior to I enter into that, let me share a few of my statistics.

.My YouTube channel.

Since creation, my YouTube channel has actually created 7,627,060 views.

overall views

I understand the above screenshot reveals I’’ ve belonged to YouTube given that August 18, 2011, however I published my very first genuine video on May 11, 2017 … and it had to do with creating more Twitter traffic.

Before that duration, I did upload 2 other videos, however they were published for advertisement functions. I was utilizing them to drive registrations to a webinar (which didn’’ t work along with I had actually hoped).

Although my overall YouTube view count is at 7.6 million, on a regular monthly basis my view count varies in between 600,000 to 700,000 natural views.

Over the previous 30 days, I have actually created 724,464 views, which led to 2,003,272 minutes of watch time.


To provide you some viewpoint, it would take you approximately 3.8 years to monitor 2 million minutes worth of video. Which’’ s presuming you ’ re looking for 24 hours every day and not taking breaks.

That’’ s a great deal of watch time!


And here is an introduction of how I produced those views.

statistics breakdown

As you can see, most of my YouTube views originates from ““ search.”


That indicates individuals are browsing on YouTube. After that, the recommended and search are driving a big part of the views. And after that it is external, which are the views I am driving from

It’’ s sort of insane how I am driving 101,683 views a month simply from my own website.

If you are producing amusing videos, news-oriented videos, way of life videos, or documentary design videos like Gary V., most of your YouTube traffic will originate from ““ recommended ” and “ browse ” in which your videos are going to be suggested a lot in the sidebar of YouTube.


On the other hand, if most of your material is academic, type of like mine, you’’ ll get most of your traffic from YouTube search.

What’’ s YouTube search like?

No matter what type of videos you develop, you can constantly produce traffic from YouTube search, comparable to how I am.

The quantity of traffic simply differs on the kind of videos you hellip &develop; academic videos tend to produce the most from YouTube search.

Let’’ s dive into my search traffic:


search traffic


As you can see, I rank for terms like SEO, digital marketing, social networks marketing, and so on


But the 2nd most popular term I ’ m creating traffic for is my name, Neil Patel.


And no, it ’ s not since I have actually developed a brand name in the marketing area. It ’ s since I have a lot of videos on YouTube, I have actually naturally begun to construct a brand name on YouTube.


neil patel youtube


As you can see, I just created 91 views from individuals looking for my name in May 2018 (that ’ s when I published my very first video). And now I can create approximately 5,500 to 6,000 views each month simply from that a person search term alone.


All I did to grow my brand name inquiries was to publish more material that I felt my target market wished to enjoy.


Overall, YouTube search traffic is premium traffic, and it ’ s a lot easier to rank and create those views than on’ standard Google search. Most importantly, you can rank well on YouTube within a matter of days … even hours!


You heard me right, you can rank well on YouTube in a matter of days.


If you have a brand name brand-new profile and you are simply beginning to publish videos, you might not rank as high as you desire right now, however you must see outcomes relatively rapidly and gradually( like months and weeks, not years) you can quickly reach the top.


Remember, YouTube isn ’ t competitive like Google and their algorithm is various. If you desire the most traffic’, you simply need to follow these 33 actions.


It seems like a lot, however it isn ’ t. Most of them are simple and brief to carry out.


Whether you follow each of those 26 actions or not, ensure you a minimum of follow the 6 concepts listed below as they make the most significant effect:



Now that you got the fundamentals down and you ’ ve seen all of my statistics, let ’ s review if YouTube is actually worth it.

Is YouTube worth it?

I want I might offer you a simple yes or no response, however that isn’t the case. It’actually depends what your objectives are.

Don ’ t concern, however, I am not going to offer you a lame action … rather, I am going to discuss each situation and inform you if you need to pursue’YouTube( or not )based upon your objectives.


I will likewise share my own experience.

Marketing earnings.

It ’ s challenging to get countless views each month. Depending upon what vertical you remain in, some generate income from much better than others when it pertains toadvertisements.


But the something that I am particular about is that unless you have lots of views( like well into the millions), the advertisement earnings isn ’ t that excellent.

According to SocialBlade , I might produce an approximated month-to-month advertisement earnings of$ 173 to$ 2,800.

advertisement earnings


Based on the vertical I ’ m in, it would be towards the middle to upper end of that number, however still, it ’ s not that terrific.


$ 2,800 a month in advertisement earnings wouldn’’ t even cover my expenses to produce and modify the videos I put out on a regular monthly basis.

So, if you are wanting to generate income from simply through YouTube advertisements, I wouldn ’ t suggest it. It ’ s not that financially rewarding unless you can keep your production expenses down and you remain in a classification where you can get countless views monthly.

Sponsorship offers.

I understand there are popular YouTube stars who make a killing off of sponsorships and recommendation offers. Style wouldn ’ t count on it if you are looking to make cashfrom YouTube in thisfashion. It ’ s difficult, and unless you have actually created countless views every month, you most likely won ’ t get any sponsorships.

Offering items’.

Whether it is physical items or informative items, YouTube works very well.


Based on the information I have fromother YouTubers, I would create around $35,000 a month from YouTube on the low end and$ 50,000 on the greater end if I pressed individuals to a webinar and after that offered a$ 997 informative item.


That ’ s not too worn-out.


I wear ’ t do this with my YouTube channel, however it works well.


My pal Adam does this with his YouTube profile and eliminates it. He makes a generous 6 figures a year simply frompromoting educational items from his YouTube videos. He generally offers his items for a couple of hundred dollars as he remains in the customer area.


I understand Tai Lopez succeeds from this technique too therefore do 20 approximately other online marketers that I personally understand.

In other words, if you wish to take advantage of YouTube to offer items, you must think about doing so. It ’ s not too competitive to create the traffic and there is a lots of cash for each visitor you bring in.

Developing a brand name.

This is what I mainly utilize YouTube for.


And for this function, it has actually worked well for me. I get numerous e-mails from individuals informing me that they discovered me on YouTube or how they like the material I am producing.

youtube e-mail


For me, it ’ s not an ego thing, however I wish to construct a larger brand name. The larger my brand name, the much easier it is for my firm to close consulting offers.


Assuming you put out excellent video material, you ’ ll discover that individuals will sign up for your channel, follow you, engage with you, and be familiar with you much better.


If you are offering anything in the future, having this additional brand name direct exposure doesn ’ t hurt.


If your objective is to construct an individual brand name, YouTube is terrific. It doesn ’ t assistance as much with business brand names, however the financial investment is well worth it from an individual branding viewpoint.

If you are beginning from scratch( not simply on YouTube however in basic ), I would suggest you concentrate on a business brand name rather( YouTube won ’ t be as reliable here), however if you are knee deep in it like I am, simply keep pressing forward on your individual brand name.


So, for individual brand name structure, YouTube deserves it. For business brand name structure, not a lot.


From YouTube alone, the additional brand name direct exposure has actually assisted my firm close a bit morethan$ 320,000 in revenueProfits not profitEarnings that I know understand sure as the clients customers informed that they found discovered on YouTubeInitially

List building.

Here ’ s where I have actually created my most significant ROI … consulting leads. I wear ’ t straight gather leads from YouTube, a lot of my customers have actually seen my YouTube videos.

2 of my customers initially discovered me on YouTube (for this reason the$ 320,000 figure above), and many more have actually seen my YouTube videos.


If you wish to gather leads, YouTube is an excellent channel. I simply wouldn ’ t gather leads from day 1. Focus on developing your audience and then drive individuals to a landing page after 5 or 6 months of being on YouTube.


The factor for the hold-up in gathering leads is that it will assist you develop your channel authority, so as soon as you do drive individuals far from YouTube, you will have the ability to keep your traffic versus seeing a drop.

The cool part about list building is that it works well for both B2B and B2C. With B2B, you will gather less leads, however every one will deserve more. With B2C, you will create more leads, however every one will deserve less.

B2B vs B2C.

Speaking of B2B and B2C, YouTube works well for both areas. It doesn ’ t matter what market you remain in, YouTube will typically work.


I understand I pointed out above that YouTube doesn ’ t work alsowith business brand names as it makes with individual ones, however that doesn ’ t mean YouTube won ’ t work. It simply implies individual brand names see a much better outcome.


Overall, YouTube deserves it. You simply need to discover the ideal money making technique on your own.


Some individuals, like my friend Adam, utilize YouTube to offer information items while likewise generating income from through advertisements.

Ads wear ’ t make him as much cash, however when you accumulate whatever together the earnings number is good.And you will most likely remain in a comparable boat in which you ’ ll earn money from YouTube in several methods.

<p’> For example, I utilize YouTube to develop a brand name and gather leads.


The last piece of guidance I have for you is to utilize videos on numerous platforms. This will considerably increase your return on your financial investment.


With me, I publish videos to Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Everybody discuss YouTube( even me ), however I ’ ve done much better from publishing videos on LinkedIn from an income viewpoint than YouTube.


It ’ s not due to the fact that LinkedIn is more popular, it ’ s simply that they are more generous with providing you more video views than YouTube due to the fact that their algorithm presently greatly prefers video material.

So’, are you going to get on the YouTube bandwagon’?


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