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6 Things to Know About Using Long-Tail Keywords

Long-Tail Keywords and how to use them.   As the internet continues to change consumer behavior, more marketers are turning to content marketing to reach customers. But the rules for this new form of consumer outreach are different than those of traditional ads. Rather than creating a slogan or image to catch customers’ attention, content marketing requires the careful use of long-tail keywords. What are long-tail keywords? Trying to figure out long-tail keywords can feel overwhelming, especially if you aren’t a marketing professional. For instance, a simple Google search for the phrase......

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34 Marketing Principles

  Can you guess how long I’ve been a marketer? 7 years? Maybe 10? Guess again. I’ve been a marketer for 18 years now. That’s a long time… And funny enough, I’ve also been an entrepreneur for the same amount of time as I’ve never really held a “corporate” job. Many of you think I am smart, and I am great at marketing. But let me burst your bubble… I am NOT smart, and I am NOT a great marketer. Instead, I’ve just been doing everything long enough where I’ve learned what......

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How to Boost Online Awareness of Your Brand

  Without effective brand awareness, your business will get buried by the competition. Especially if you’re a small company or just starting out. If you’re not familiar with online marketing and branding, here’s a base-level guide on how to make your business stand out online and drive traffic and sales to your site. Your logo Your brand is first recognized by its logo. Without a strong logo that speaks to what your business stands for, your customers aren’t going to fully engage with your business. When you think about some of the......

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